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Chablis Vieilles Vignes Massale

This vineyard, situated in the lieu-dit of Les Pargues, was replanted over 40 years ago using a technique of propagation whereby cuttings for the vines were selected from the best vines already in the vineyard and not from a clone. This rarely used technique is known as “Selection Massale”. These old uncloned vines produce extremely tiny yields and express a diversity of aromas from the Chablisien terroir.
100 % Chardonnay (known locally as “Beaunois”).
Situation géographique
Left side of the Serein River near the village of Préhy. This vineyard is situated inside the “Les Pargues” vineyard.
Lime-clay soils are dominant here, but the geological originality of appellation Chablis resides in its sub-strata, often quite near the surface, of kimmeridgean limestone, formed by billions of tiny fossilised oyster shells called ostrea virgule.
1,92 ha
Age moyen
46 years (Oldest vines : 50 years)

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