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Chabis 1° Cru Mont de Milieu

Situated with the same quality exposure as the Grands Crus, the Mont de Milieu vineyard produces ripe, rich and full bodied wines blended with floral and mineral notes. Regarded as one of the best Premiers Crus in Chablis.
100 % Chardonnay (known locally as “Beaunois”).
Situation géographique
Right side of the Serein River. The “Mont de Milieu” vineyard is the hill after the “Montée de Tonnerre” vineyard.
Lime-clay soils are dominant here, but the geological originality of appellation Chablis resides in its sub-strata, often quite near the surface, of kimmeridgean limestone, formed by billions of tiny fossilised oyster shells called ostrea virgule.
0,34 Ha
Age moyen
40 years

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