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Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons

The Vaillons shows the classic Chablis style with dry mineral aromas. Vivid and intense, the vibrant energy is blended with ripe white fruit aromas. Excellent acidity adds the complexity and makes a wine that is known for its ageing qualities.
100 % Chardonnay (known locally as “Beaunois”).
Situation géographique
Left side of the Serein River. The wine is made from the following vineyards “Châtains”, “Côte Vaillons”, “Epinottes”, “Les Roncières” and “Sécher”.
Lime-clay soils are dominant here, but the geological originality of appellation Chablis resides in its sub-strata, often quite near the surface, of kimmeridgean limestone, formed by billions of tiny fossilised oyster shells called ostrea virgule.
2,51 ha
Age moyen
23 years (oldest vines 36 years).

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